APRIL 2020



Northwest Rocky Mountain CASA-Everyday People Who Care About Children

Each year in the United States nearly 400,000 children are abused, neglected, or abandoned by their families. Many of these children also become victims of an over-burdened court system which frequently does not have time to give detailed attention to each child who comes before it. Routt, Grand and Moffat Counties are not immune to these issues. That’s where Northwest Rocky Mountain CASA comes in.

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Community Connections: CASA an advocate for abused, neglected children

The mission of Northwest Rocky Mountain CASA is to recruit, educate and empower community volunteers to advocate in court for the best interests of abused and neglected children in the 14th Judicial District to ensure that each and every child is able to grow up in a safe and permanent home.

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CASA organization seeks volunteers

“CASA volunteers are special individuals who feel it is their duty to advocate for children who are victims of abuse and neglect and their families who have become involved in the court system. … “

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